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Saturday, 9 January 2016

JORDU Drew in My Pad

I had the pleasure of meeting the uber talented JORDU SCHELL.
If you don't know who or what Jordu is all about then severely berate your silly self and then rush over and admire his gorgeously incredible handiwork which can be found here --->  MASKS - SCHELL STUDIO

Now Jordu is one heck of an insanely incredible sculpter mask maker and someone whose work I've been in awe of ever since I first laid eyes on it. He had spent some time leisurely looking through my drawings  and chatting  (he is a extremely funny guy too  ) you can imagine  how thrilled to bits I was  when  in a moment of spontaneity he picked up a nearby pen and  effortlessly drew me a delightful alien creature design. As shown in the photos below.

A Jordu drawing. 

A Jordu drawing.

 the finished article 
(i think he spotted my spelling mistake!)

Recently I filled up the neighbouring page with a little cartoon .


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