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Thursday, 31 December 2015


Also a big warm happy new year to you all, thank  you for watching.

A monster cheers to you all. 


Recently watched The Force Awakens or Star Wars next gen. What a great movie. Well compared to the last three far far away galaxy adventures!
When buying tickets I asked for the cool stormtrooper styled 3D glasses.
Unfortunately they had completely sold out.
Fortunately the cinema manager overhear and informed me that she had pair in her office that I could have.
Unfortunately they had no lenses in them.
Not entirely sure how they would be of any help, if I had accept them I would have expected a full refund due to the fact that the 3D was faulty.

Not had chance to post much lately, but thought it was a good spot to post up my little Star Wars drawing from 2012, the joke might be on the weak side but look I  predicted Han Solos's demise many moons ago.

Its not often you see Han so low.