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Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Amercian werewolf slaughtered lamb Horror movie
Ere Gladys ,Tom,  did you ere the one about the... 

OH NO, please not again! --- Its no wonder there's not much action around these parts with superstitious locals the likes of him warding off visitors to this blog!

 I'd imagine there's more chance of finding a UN delegate drinking at the Slaughter Lamb than there is of a comment being left....please please do NOT be afraid to leave comments, honestly there hasn't been a werewolf seen around these corners of the net since...since ... well since the last two posts.

Saturday, 24 May 2014


wolfman werewolf full moon teeth hairy
Werewolf Sketch

Following onto the last blog post here's another werewolf drawing, loosely based on a picture of Al Pacino and mingled in with all the classic lycanthrope movies I've seen but especially influenced by the Benicio Del Toro 2010 outing which I loved to bits!

Monday, 12 May 2014

WOLFMAN - one armed lunacy

WOLFMAN got nards werewolf severed arm horror movie
unarmed yet dangerous

Ooh it was tempting for me to just write "for the written bumpf please refer to words below previous posting"

 Its Lon Chaney again this time in a overdone Blu Col sketch.

When i was a young un' back when libraries were frequented by people thirsty for knowledge I clearly recall reading one of the first horror stories that completely freaked my impressionable little mind out.
It was a factual book on monster, werewolves and vampires and within its pages I found a fascinating account of a hunter/trapper who while out one night was attacked by a wolf like creature , in the ensuring struggle he managed to hack one of the creatures paws off, upon returning from his hunting trip he was greeted at his door by his wife who mysteriously had one of her hands missing!!
Its quite possible that upon reading this book any desires to reside in log cabins and take up hunting completely left me.


The Gurch monster art creature make up monster
Please note : caption under wraps. 

 Old black and white movies with prints that seem grainy,
 Hunched over postures and with Lon Chaney starring,
 Universal Monsters on brown paper wrappings.....these are a few of my favourite things.

Thursday, 1 May 2014


LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT a 1927  long lost movie and the chances are that its never to be seen again so I propose that the studios remake it with someRick Baker prosthetic make up on a Lon Chaney lookalike covered in CGI glitter , a bit of the old with a dash of the new, Oh and then re-title it LONDON AFTER TWILIGHT of course, what do you think?