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Monday, 30 June 2014


American werewolf transforms.
 That transformation sequence was an extraordinary thing to behold however I found the look of the final beast a bit lacking, but there was something about the strange goofy look of this stage that I've  show below, it was when he was halfway though where he was neither man nor quite the beast. To me it was the most appealing guise with its odd and wacky design and the fact that it was presented so realistically that make it seem even more disturbing. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the lighting showed an unflinching clear glimpse , anyway I have chosen to draw it and its shown below.
 Also note included is that  Mickey Mouse toy,  a shot of it bizarrely cropped up during the metamorphosis. I honestly don't really know why Mickey Mouse played a part , and further in  director John Landis inserts a nice clip of the Muppets during the ruthless attack on the family home, --what was it with these cartoon characters?

Interestingly enough the movie poster also feature the werewolf mid-stage and not the final creature, I do have the poster in my collection posted that here too.

Don't take the Mickey!

Following on from mentioning  the cartoons featured in American Werewolf
I also have this unusual drawing  in my sketch book, drawn just because the look of David at one stage reminded me of Alice the Goon from the Popeye cartoon.
Oddly David does indeed don a woman coat and runs around with his legs on show in the movie.

This is one of the original posters that adorned my bedroom wall