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Sunday, 31 May 2015


Can"t decide.

On the one hand I like how this drawing turned out, on the other hand I don't like the green... on the other hand I like the stupidity of the situation ...on the other hand I'm not sure about the surgery that would be used to attached the arms ...on the other hand i do ...and on the other hand i don't ... on the other .....  yet on the other... ...

Now able to handle up to eight pitchfork and torch baring villagers at a time.

Saturday, 2 May 2015


Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell was a very recent discovery for me and I must add a jolly fine find it was too! Its been a while since I had this much unadulterated fun watching an horror film
 and this turned out to a superb final offering of Frankenstein medical mayhem from Hammer studios.
Peter Cushing looking particularly grim and gaunt plays Dr.Victor Frankenstein hiding out in a crumbling gothic lunatic asylum . The sets were wonderful 70's horror fare and the story I found to nose along at a comfortable pace takings us on rounds to the inmate, to secretive burials and best of all to the mad scientist laboratory hidden behind a secret door.

The monster is nothing like you expect oddly reminiscent of a Neanderthal ape man but with a hankering to inflict injuries using broken glass,  he's more of a brute than a man - the monsters role was acted by Dave Prowse, the second time he had done so,  apparently in Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell he could be masked, suited and all set ready in 30 minutes!  Aside from it being a basic costume and make-up combo the creature's usual  look might well be explained away by the continuation of Baron Victor Frankensteins story from Evil of Frankenstein where his hands were rendered unfeeling due to fire damage so unable to put the creature together himself here in this movie we find him initially assisted by Angel,  mute girl who handled the sewing up duties.

I remember an article in a back issue of Rue Morgue magazine where they mention that during one of the gory surgery scenes where they remove the top of a ''donors" cranium to expose the brain, the effects department placed a real sheep's brain into a prop body ready for filming. Unfortunately  it was left  on set longer than expected so when the cameras finally rolled and the top of the head was removed a unnecessarily nasty stink was also released - the natural reaction can be seen on his assistants face but Peter the consummate professional plays out the scenes without missing a beat!

Frankie says...go to hell!