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Friday, 25 November 2016


Digitally remastered-  it's now reDrawn of the Dead. 

Prime example of a well laid plan going all wrong. 
It's another sketch book page one that I was fortunate to get signed by the actual actor, my drawing of the awesome  Dawn of the Dead,  I got to put these pages in front of none other that Ken Foree who plays the SWAT officer Peter Washington in the movie  ( I recently learnt he also played Kenan's dad in the Kenan and Kel show - I used to watch that show and never even realised!)

The idea was to have Ken neatly and centrally write the best ever zombie related line from any zombie movie ever  "When there's no more room in hell..."  and then pop his moniker in the box provided in the lower right hand space.  Maybe it was those shades he was wearing that couldn't make out where his writing was headed, but his handiwork came out all bunched up in top half of the first box and in the signature box he scrawled his signature over some pencil titles that I was going to ink over later.
Apparently during the course of Dawn of the Dead's 239 end tally of fatalities Peter kills 66 zombies, thankfully its seems that his aim at zombie craniums is better than his pen placement, everything by his hand was placed wrongly. I was forced to run it through photoshop filters to eradicate the mistakes - so here I present both a before picture (shown below) and an final image after the digital alteration worked their magic. While I was at it I thought why not add some glorious Technicolor, so I did.


Scrawled on The Dead

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